Current Program
Monday, January 30, 2023 – Friday, February 3rd, 2023
ARCAthens brings Ahmedabad artists Rajesh and Sharmila Sagara to the 12th Studio of Painting and Expanded Media of Athens School of Fine Arts (LAB12 ASFA) for an international lecture and workshop program underwritten by Lynda Benglis.
Current Program
Spring 2023 Athens Residency with Linnéa Bake and Tariku Shiferaw
Monday, January 16, 2023 – Monday, March 13, 2023
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Linnéa Bake - Curatorial Fellow
Tariku Shiferaw - Visual Art Fellow
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ARCAthens Founding President Bill Fagaly’s unexpected passing in May 2021 has inspired his dear friend Lynda Benglis to join ARCAthens in establishing a memorial fund.

The Bill Fagaly Fund For the Future memorial fund will be used to realize Bill’s dream for ARCAthens, to provide opportunity and support to Visual Artists, Curators, and Scholars to further their research by fostering international dialogue, cooperation, and understanding between Greece and the USA.


ARCAthens is dedicated to giving visual artists, curators, and scholars the ability to further their research and focus on bridging international dialogue. Through our physical and virtual residencies, our Fellows exchange allows for a rich cross cultural pollination that facilitates understanding and growth. Learn More About Our Programs

Unique Promise & Growth in a Time of Challenge

Athens: Despite ongoing economic hardship, Athens is experiencing a cultural and social renaissance. Brimming with museums, cultural centers, and an engaging and active art community, the contemporary discourse in today’s Athens is as unique as the living historical tapestry from which it springs.

The creative energy in the city is palpable. Art and ideas are being pursued with increasing vigor and the recent growing activities by artists—joined by the profound institutional expansion—signify a maturation in the state of contemporary art and expression in Athens.

Bronx: New York City is a world cultural capital and offers endless opportunities for access, research, and growth. While the Bronx offers proximity to Manhattan, a thriving local community, and an incredible array of local cultural resources, it also offers a distinct perspective on the contemporary challenges of our time, making it an excellent base for research and growth.

Philoxenia (the ancient and fundamental Greek cultural tradition of hospitality and kindness to strangers) makes Athens and the Bronx especially suited to host outstanding visiting artists. As host and program provider, we seek to infuse Athens and the Bronx with not only cultural enrichment, but economic stimulation as well. The expected impact of our Fellows’ presence continues even after the artists return home—bringing their work, experience, and knowledge of Athens and the Bronx to all parts of the world, acting as ambassadors of the ideals encapsulated in our program.

ARCAthens wishes to express its support and compassion for all those we have lost in the pandemic and from violence against the Black community.

If you would like to support ARCAthens, there is no better time than now. Please consider contributing so we may continue our work promoting cultural exchange between New York and Athens. Make your contribution, knowing it keeps the doors open and the Team of ARCAthens employed during COVID 19 and beyond. It will also directly support the artists and curators we give Fellowships to. Their intelligence and creative activism is bringing equity, justice, beauty, and joy into our world.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering our appeal!

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