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ARCAthens presents: Tomashi Jackson & Miranda Lash at the Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation

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On October 29th, ARCAthens held an event at the Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation as part of our Fall 2019 Residency Program—creating an opportunity for ARCAthens Fellows Tomashi Jackson and Miranda Lash to share and engage with the Athenian community through presentations and a conversation based on questions fielded from the audience.  Above is a full-length […]

ARCAthens Residency at EPI: Fall 2019

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ARCAthens Visual Art Fellow Cullen Washington Jr signing prints that were made at EPI Earlier this Fall, the very first ARCAthens/EPI Residency Program marked the beginning of an exciting series in which EPI (Experimental Printmaking Institute), in partnership with ARCAthens, invites one artist to work on a print project each Fall semester. A professional printshop […]

SynChrony with ATOPOS cvc

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Welcome to the first installment of SynChrony, a series dedicated to exploring the collective matrix that is shaping the landscape of visual arts in contemporary Athens. By delving deeper into the people, places, and things that are active in this ongoing dialogue, we celebrate the tandem of parts contributing to the creative whole. SynChrony kicks off with […]

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[UPDATE with video] ARCAthens presents: Contemporary Agora: Athens as Cultural Microcosm at the Acropolis Museum

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On March 28th, as our Spring 2019 Pilot Program was approaching its conclusion, a 90-minute event was held in Athens to share with the public what had transpired during this six-week residency. ARCAthens Fellows Cullen Washington Jr and Larry Ossei-Mensah each delivered presentations, after which they engaged in a panel conversation together with Daphne Vitali, Dan Cameron, and Aristides Logothetis.  The video […]

ARCAthens presents: Contemporary Agora: Athens as Cultural Microcosm at the Acropolis Museum

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Upon the culmination of our Spring 2019 Inaugural Residency Program, ARCAthens is dedicating an evening to facilitate the meaningful exchange for which our program is designed. Taking place at the Acropolis Museum on March 28th, our first public event in Athens will consist of audio-visual presentations by Curatorial Fellow Larry Ossei-Mensah and Visual Art Fellow Cullen Washington Jr, followed by […]

The ARCAthens Residency at EPI

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ARCAthens Advisory Council member & EPI Executive Director, Pedro Barbeito, has been hard at work: Lafayette College’s Experimental Printmaking Institute will host the ARCAthens Residency at EPI, commencing in September 2019, with Cullen Washington Jr. as the first Fellow! We are very pleased to expand our reach by partnering with an institution of higher learning […]