NOLA/NYC Research Fellowship 

ARCAthens is proud to continue its mission of providing opportunities and support to visual artists, curators, and scholars through its artist residency program. By expanding our scope to include cultural exchange between Greece and the United States, we aim to foster international dialogue, cooperation, and understanding. Our programs are based in three cities – New York City, New Orleans, and Athens – that boast vibrant cultural histories and thriving arts communities. These coastal cities, known for their strategic location and cultural legacy, are ideal locations for our program and provide our Fellows with unique perspectives and experiences. Additionally, as important ports with diverse populations and a mix of different racial and ethnic groups, these cities offer a perfect setting for our program’s focus on cultural exchange and community engagement. Our program provides professional development, access to resources and support, local economic development and community building.

A Unique Two-City Residency in New Orleans and New York City 

Our Fellows will experience the vibrant cultural fusion of New Orleans and New York City, where the rich heritage of two unique American cities offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Greek artists and curators to immerse themselves in two communities known for their art and diversity. 

New Orleans – Our base will be the legendary Camp Abundance and our Fellows will be able to connect with the larger New Orleans community.

New York City – For 2024, our Fellows will be housed in Midtown Manhattan where they will be ideally situated to explore all five boroughs while continuing to center the Bronx by focusing on connecting and engaging with the local Bronx art community.

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The New Orleans / NYC Research Fellowship is open to applicants currently based in Greece.

  1. Fellows are expected to be on-site for the duration of the program.
  2. Fellows are expected to participate in public presentations in New Orleans and New York.
  3. Fellows are expected to participate in seminars in select educational institutions.
Practical Information
  • Duration: 2 months. 
  • Fellowship Prize: $2,000 USD.
  • Air Travel: The cost of a basic coach round trip ticket is provided by ARCAthens.
  • Stipend: In addition to the Fellowship Prize, a stipend of 250 USD per week is provided, meant to supplement food and local transportation expenses.
  • Application process: Fellows for the Pilot Program were chosen through an internal selection process. However, for future programs, candidates will be selected by a panel of independent  arts professionals through an open call for applications, similar to our Athens Residency selection process.
  • Expenses paid by the Fellows: ARCAthens offers the Fellowship Prize, air travel, a weekly stipend, and live-work facilities. The Fellows are responsible for all other expenses including food, all local travel, and any costs related to the production and shipping of their work.
  • Visas: Procuring Visas (as applicable) is the responsibility of the Fellows.
  • Facilities: Live-work accommodations (Camp Abundance in New Orleans and in 2024, Midtown Manhattan)
  • Number of Fellows in residence at one time: 2
  • Working Language: English