Aristides Logothetis
Born in Athens, Aristides is a visual artist who has attended several residencies and exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Bronx Museum, and Duke University among others. In addition, he has curated several landmark exhibitions; founded and directed Gallery Schmallery in Boston; worked as consultant and instructor in university programs; and founded the Young Artists Placement Program in New York City public schools.
Iris Plaitakis
Iris has worked in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tate Gallery, the Acropolis Museum (2008-2014), and the Lalaounis Jewelry Museum. She is a founding member and co-director of the Athens-based, artist-run, non-profit organization Lo and Behold, a platform for contemporary art activities in Greece and abroad. Since 2009, Iris has also taught art history for U.S. university study-abroad programs in Athens. 
Maggie Lam
Embodying over fifteen years of experience, Maggie traverses the ever-evolving landscape of mass media from print to web to social. In 2012, seeking to advance integration between multi-media platforms and artists, she co-founded design collective Say&See. Since then, Maggie has concentrated on branding and marketing for companies with growing needs in reaching international targets.
Earnie Polanco

A native New Yorker, born in the Bronx, Earnie hopes to be a curator in the future. In May 2018, Earnie graduated from Bronx Community College and is now attending Hunter College.

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