Adeola Naomi Aderemi
Adeola participated as a Visual Art Fellow for AVR6 (July 2022). Click here to see Adeola’s program. 
Adeola Naomi Aderemi is a Nigerian-Greek raised in Niger, Nigeria, and Greece and is currently living between west Africa and Western Europe. She is the director and filmmaker of the 2022 film ‘I am Afro Greek: Black Portraiture in Greece’. She is a multilingual, multi-local, and multi-format creative, scholar, policy analyst, and healer. Her work and activism focus on the intersection of social justice, health, Black feminism, class, and race. She is a passionate advocate on issues concerning Gender-Based Violence, human trafficking, gender equality, women’s health, and equal representation for voices of women of African descent in the media. As a consultant, her areas of expertise are gender justice, LGBTQI plus, Youth political participation, international development, Feminist governance and economy, AU-EU relations, Migration, and foreign policy.  In addition to her advocacy, she is the founder of Warrior Woman, a rehabilitation program for displaced trauma survivors, and the founder and Editor in Chief of ‘Distinguished Diva’, 

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