NOLA/NYC Application Page

Please click here to see some of the opportunities offered in our previous program and details regarding the NOLA/NYC Research Fellowship.

NOLA/NYC Application

Application Deadline: Monday, January 15 – Thursday, February 15 (11:59 ET)
Announcement of Fellowships: Late February
Duration: Monday, April 1 – Monday, May 31

From ARCAthens Fellows after completing the program:

The two months of the NOLA/NYC Research Fellowship were filled with images, sounds, smells, tastes and stories, conversations and voices, exceptional experiences, and warm encounters, which undoubtedly will transform into knowledge and relationships that will accompany us for a long time.

As a curator, I had the chance to delve into two unique and completely different art scenes and go through the interesting exercise of trying to make sense of them separately but also together. For all that, I have ARCAthens to thank.

Danai Giannoglou
ARCAthens Curatorial Fellow, Spring 2023

My residency with ARCAthens was filled with art, inspiring personal encounters, and discoveries about the evolution of life on the other side of the planet.

New Orleans has undoubtedly been an invaluable destination in my two-month stay in the US, where I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the local community, make new friends and discover a brilliant and unique cultural world.

My experience in New York, centering the Bronx, intertwined with my European and Greek identity in ways whose profound impact I’m still processing with great excitement.

Maro Michalakakos
ARCAthens Visual Art Fellow, Spring 2023