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We are deeply grateful for the generosity of our donors, partners, and sponsors.

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦  FOUNDING PATRONS circle  ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

Each founding patron has contributed $10,000 or more — creating a fundamental core support during our formative period.

The Daphne & George Hatsopoulos Fund

The Helis Foundation

Louis Katsos

Charlie Kiriakos Perperidis & Dr. Roda Plakogiannis

($20,000 and above)

The McComb Foundation (Marina Day)

MAJOR Benefactor  
($10,000 – $19,999)

The Evelyn and Richard Gunst Foundation

The Daphne and George Hatsopoulos Fund

The Helis Foundation

Gregory Holt

Louis Katsos

Charlie Kiriakos Perperidis, Dr. Roda Plakogianni


SUSTAINING Benefactor  
($5000 – $9999)

Zesty Meyers

Alicia Glekas

Paul Kelley and Zach Lountzis

Hume Steyer

Alexia Sheinman

($2000 – $4999)

Dan Cameron

Bill Fagaly

Laurie Gunst

Deb Klein

George Negroponte

Marino Pascal

Jannis Varelas

Maria Vrachnos

Yerassimos Yannopoulos

Philos  ($1000 – $1999)

Chryssa Avrami

Kalliopi Minioudaki

Diomedes Logothetis

John Tavlarios

Contributors  ($500 – $999)

Artemis Anninos

Susan Brennan

Sally Heller

Achilles and Catherine Ligeras

Elias Logothetis

George Petrides

Georgia Siampalioti

Eleni Xenos

Maria Xenos

Supporters  ($250 – $499)

Wayne Amadee

John Bullard

Deborah Brown

Mellissa Franklin

Jed Hayden

Jacqueline Humphries

John Judge (Marilena Anastassiadou)

Kostas Logothetis

Leslie Ann Medema

Abigail Mulligan

Michel Negroponte (Given by George)

Magda Pelias

Mahy Polymeropoulos

Artemis Simopoulos (Daphne Pinkerton)

Friends  (up to $249 )

Jack Abbott

Andy P. Antippas

Elaine Angelopoulos

Athena Antippas

Nektarios Antoniou

Chryssa Avrami

Pedro Barbeito

Donna Blass & Family

Maia Banks

Dawn DeDeaux

Iannis Delatolas

Nela D’Agosta

Nancy Delman Portnoy

Iannis Delatolas

Catherine Economakis

Panos Efthymakis

Nia Evans

Betti Franceschi

Joy Glidden

JJ Gonson

Sozita Goudouna

Mary Gunst

Sally Heller

Laura James

Stephanie Janecek

Ron Kavanaugh

Zoe Keramea

Francesca Koerner

Artemis Diane Kohas

George Kyparissiadis

Georgia Lale

Maggie Lam

Eirini Linardaki

Stephanie Lindquist

Aristides Logothetis

Maria Logothetis

Srdjan Loncar

Kristin Mallory

Jenny Marketou

Anthony D. Meyers

Maro Michalakakos

David Miller (Kelley Loftus)

Naomi Miller

Sue Miller

Eleni Mylonas

Larry Ossei-Mensah

Andrew Patrick

Anastasia Pelias

Iris Plaitakis

Ivan Rivas

Christopher Saucedo

Karin Schaefer

Michelle Schwartz

Regina Scully

Georgia Siampalioti

Charalabos Sfetsos

Vian Sora

Jean Tatge (Stephen Collis)

Thalia Vrachopoulos

Eileen Walsh

June Waters

Samantha J. Westcott

Pam and Dave Wetherill

Cleo Francine Wilson

Poka Yio

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 auspices of

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Funding support from


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