Debut Event in New York: An Introduction to ARCAthens


ARCAthens and its mission was formally presented this week at a private event conducted under the auspices of the Consulate General of Greece in New York. Held in Manhattan at the residence of the Consul General Dr. Konstantinos Koutras, the event was dedicated to introducing ARCAthens to a select gathering that included representatives of major artistic organizations, community leaders, businessmen, and journalists. 

Clockwise from above: Father Alexander Karloutsos, Paul & Kelly Lountzis (Patrons), Aristides Logothetis ◻ Michael Politopoulos, Aris Christodoulou, Theo Matzikos, Marilena Christodoulou & Nancy Papaioannou ◻ Eric Sessions & Richard Bliss, with Roda Plakogianni & Charlie Perperidis (Founding Patrons) ◻ Alicia Everett Glekas & Toula Livanos ◻ Guests listening intently to an Introduction to ARCAthens. ◻ Photos by etaimagephotography

In initiating the evening, Dr. Konstantinos Koutras welcomed the participants, congratulated the founding committees, and referred to the ongoing contributions of Greece in the field of art and culture. This warm greeting was followed by a speech from ARCAthens Founder Aristides Logothetis, who spoke about the importance of establishing an artist residency center in Athens that fully supports its artists: 

“Artists may not have a lot of economic power, but they do have cultural power. Artists are influencers and throughout history they have had the ear of those with economic power and are usually behind a lot of the progress in society. We know this, ARCAthens recognizes this….By supporting  artists not only to create, but to also grow during these years of economic austerity in which Greece is plagued by a profound economic crisis, ARCAthens considers sensitizing Greeks of the diaspora as part of its mission in promoting the arts, revitalizing Athenian economic activity, and reviving the neglected city center, providing the support to the Fellows that will in turn create artistic ambassadors of Greek culture.”

He also addresses the significance of the “cultural renaissance” that Athens is experiencing—triggering the characterization by international media as the “New Berlin”. The intense artistic activity in the capital of the recent years has put it on the map of the international visual art community. 

“Our goal is to fill the gap of a missing fully-supportive residency program, contribute to the cultural renaissance, and to make Athens “The New Athens.”

Dan Cameron, Secretary of the Board of ARCAthens and world-renowned curator of Biennales, was the keynote speaker of the event. He referred to the magic of Greece, emphasizing Greece’s central role in the history of art:

“…For all artists, Athens is home, this is where our heritage begins.”

Above: Consul General of Greece in New York, Dr. Konstantinos Koutras (right), introduces Founder and Executive Director of ARCAthens, Aristides Logothetis (center), and Board Member and Keynote Speaker, Dan Cameron (left). Photo by Eleni Sakellis ◻ Below left: David and Susan Stadnyk urge the audience to support ARCAthens. ◻ Below right: Consul General of Greece in New York, Dr. Konstantinos Koutras addressing the ARCAthens team: (from left to right) Dan Cameron, Aristides Logothetis, Anthony Meyers, Consul General of Greece in New York, Dr. Konstantinos Koutras, Chryssa Avrami, Zesty Meyers, Hakan Topal, Roda Plakogiannis, Kalliopi Minioudaki. ◻ Photos by etaimagephotography

Among those present at the event were Fr. Alexander KarloutsosAmalia Cosmetatou (Executive Director and Cultural Director of the Onassis Foundation USA), Ted Berger (Trustee of the Joan Mitchell Foundation, Director Emeritus International Studio Center Program), Naomi Antonakos (The Antonakos Foundation), George Negroponte (Artist, Director Emeritus of The Drawing Center), Marilena Christodoulou (CFO, Rubin Museum) and her husband ArisNancy Papaioannou (Atlantic Bank, President), Athan Stephanopoulos (Now This News, President) and his wife IvetaJohn Tavlarios (Gener8 Maritime, COO), Lou Katsos (EMBCA Founder and President), Paul Lountzis (Founder of Lountzis Asset Management), and his wife KellyMichael Politopoulos (Co-Founder of Macedonia Thrace Brewery), Kiriakos Charlie Perperidis (Co-Founder of Aequus Pharmaceuticals) with his wife Roda Plakogiannis (Assistant Professor of Pharmacy, LIU), David Stadnyk (Founder of Pharmaxis) and his wife SusanGeorge Anastassov (Axim Biotech, CEO), and Dora Trogadi (Press Attaché for the Press and Communication Office of the Permanent Mission of Greece to the UN).

Clockwise from top left: Aristides Logothetis, Ted Berger, Dan Cameron ◻ Naomi Antonakos, Toula Livanos, Kalliopi Minioudaki. ◻ Iveta Nersesyan-Stephanopoulos, Athan Stephanopoulos, Tina Livanos, and Constantine Bouras.   ◻ Nancy Papaioannou, Consul General of Greece in New York, Dr. Konstantinos Koutras, Father Alexander Karloutsos. (Louis Katsos and Eleni Sakellis in the background.) ◻ Photos by etaimagephotography

Additional attendees from ARCAthens included Board Member Zesty Meyers (Treasurer); Dr. Kalliopi MinioudakiHakan Topal and Anthony Meyers from the Advisory Council; and from the Hosting Committee: Chryssa Avrami (Advisory Council and Hosting Committee Leader), Beatrice DupireGeorge Negroponte, and Roda Plakogianni.

Dan Cameron (left) and Chryssa Avrami (right) with ARCAthens’ NY Attorney, Yan Senouf(center). ◻ George Negroponte from the Hosting Committee taking a well-deserved break! ◻ Photos by etaimagephotography

Journalist Eleni Sakellis covered the event for The National Herald from which parts of this post were sourced. (Read the full article here.)

Refreshments at the event were generously provided by Stelios Boutaris & Kir Yanni (wine), and Stelios Tsappas & Avra Group (food).