An Electrifying Launch Event in New York

ARCAthens Launch at R & Company. Photo by Fred Bernstein

On the evening of January 22nd, ARCAthens celebrated its official launch with its first public event in New York—held in the acclaimed new gallery of R & Company in TriBeCa.

From notable arts professionals to distinguished members of the Greek-American community, over 200 people filled the cavernous space—mingling amidst a functional sculpture by Sebastian ErraZuriz while also in view of his dramatic Bird Chandelier that spanned three stories. A warm buzz of excitement built up as guests enjoyed wine provided by Fantis/Thalassa Restaurant and food prepared by Mina Stone, acclaimed author of “Cooking for Artists.”

From left: Zesty Meyers (Board Treasurer), William Fagaly (Board President), Aristides Logothetis (Founder, Executive Director), Larry Ossei-Mensah (Curatorial Fellow), Cullen Washington Jr. (Visual Art Fellow). Photo by etaimagephotography

The evening’s remarks were opened with a welcome from ARCAthens Board Member and co-owner of R & Company Zesty Meyers. He then introduced Aristides Logothetis, Executive Director of ARCAthens, who announced the official activation of ARCAthens with the Spring 2019 Pilot Program, which will be hosting two Fellows in Athens for six weeks starting February 19th. Additional developments were also mentioned, including the establishment of the ARCAthens Residency at EPI, at Lafayette College. After thanking the team for their efforts and the sponsors for their generosity, Aristides shifted the spotlight to the Fellows of the Pilot Program—artist Cullen Washington Jr. and curator Larry Ossei-Mensah.

Each Fellow expressed their anticipation of the residency and shared stories about their relationship with Greece. Cullen divulged how as a young boy in Louisiana, trying to be like his minister father, he would transcribe biblical Greek alongside him on Saturday mornings. He also spoke of the desire to spend time in Athens because his recent work is inspired by the Athenian Agora, the first city square, and about how the Agora is a space of humanity and interconnectedness. Larry recounted of how he had in fact been in Greece when he received Aristides’ call. He was so taken by the creative energy there that despite the fact that he was subsequently appointed Senior Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD), there was no way he would pass up this opportunity.

From left: George Negroponte (Board Member), Cullen Washington Jr., Louis Katsos (Founding Patron), Larry Ossei-Mensah, Pedro Barbeito (Advisory Council). Photo by etaimagephotography

Finally, Board Member George Negroponte shared a few words about his involvement with ARCAthens, the necessity of supporting the arts, and how art “provides nourishment and dissolves barriers.” To emphasize his point, George topped it off with a personal pledge of $5,000 in support of ARCAthens’ future programming.

The enthusiasm was seemingly infectious as the evening continued and the lively crowd stayed well-past the conclusion of the event.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: R & Company, Mina Stone, COCO-MAT, Olea True, Thalassa, and Fantis.

The event was also covered by journalist Eleni Sakellis for The National HeraldClick here for article.

Paul Lountzis (Sustaining Benefactor), Argyris Argitakos, Zach Lountzis, Morgan Starr. Photo by etaimagephotography
Alexandra of Greece, Chryssa Avrami (Advisory Council). Photo by etaimagephotography
Christine Tsibiridis, Toula Livanos (Hosting Committee), Stavros Tsibiridis Photo by etaimagephotography
Sozita Goudouna (Advisory Council), Petros Sakkis, Lola Koutoudi (Hosting Committee), Alexandros Korogianakis and Odette Kouzoutzoglou. Photo by etaimagephotography
Jacqueline Humphries (Supporter), George Negroponte. Photo by etaimagephotography
Elaine Angelopoulos, Paul Laster, Joy Glidden (Friend) Photo by etaimagephotography
From left: Despo Magoni, Morfy Gikas, Thalia Vrachopoulos, Eleni Karotseri. Photo by etaimagephotography
Mina Stone (Sponsor) and Alex Eagleton. Photo by etaimagephotography
Tina Livanos and Iris Plaitakis (Assistant Director). Photo by etaimagephotography
Mark Seddon, Maggie Simonelli, Samira Abbassy, and Anand Ahuja. Photo by etaimagephotography
Achilles and Catherine Ligeras (Contributors). Photo by etaimagephotography
Lydia Venieri (Creative Supporter). Photo by etaimagephotography
James Young, Zoe Keramea (Friend), Eleni Mylonas, Toula Livanos. Photo by etaimagephotography
Carol Zakaluk and Eleni Mylonas. Photo by etaimagephotography
Georgia Siampalioti (Advisory Council) and George Petrides (Contributor). Photo by Yanna Katsageorgi
Yona Backer, Laura Lobdell, Aristides Logothetis. Photo by Paul Fearon
Seph Rodney and Anthony D. Meyers (Advisory Council). Photo by Paul Fearon
Maria Logothetis (Volunteer) and Iris Plaitakis. Photo by etaimagephotography
Paul Fearon, Patricia Cannon, Ebonie Simone. Photo by etaimagephotography
Evelyn Kanellea and Olga Bornozis. Photo by etaimagephotography
Tasso Zapantis and Gregory A. Siorris. Photo by Yanna Katsageorgi
Phyllis Galembo and William Fagaly. Photo by etaimagephotography
Louis Katsos and Aristides Logothetis. Photo by etaimagephotography