THE URGENCY OF ART: Miranda Lash + Artadia at The Lab


During her presentation at our closing event last Fall, Curatorial Fellow Miranda Lash talked about the role of institutions in cultivating the voices of artists and communities alike. In December, Miranda presented a free public program at The Lab in San Francisco in which she discussed the crucial role of artists and artist-run spaces. The topic was framed by different case studies from Miranda’s experiences—including scenarios that she came across in Athens during her residency.

Miranda Lash presenting at The Lab in San Francisco last December

“The Urgency of Art” was co-presented with Aartadia as part of their Art & Dialogue program.

Visit Artadia website for more info + video of event. 


“Artists play a crucial role in sustaining communities during times of crisis. My lecture for Artadia celebrated artists who have carved out their own spaces in New Orleans, Greece, and Appalachia (places often considered peripheral to the commerce of the art world) because of their  profound desire to create, and often to respond to the challenges and injustices experienced in their communities. My ability to promote the incredible work being done by artists in Athens was the direct result of my 2019 ARCAthens residency. I know that my time spent with Greek artists in their studios and spaces will inform my practice for years to come. 

We should not worry about whether the art world will survive this pandemic. Instead we should focus on how we can sustain artists, because in the end their work will sustain us. As an artist-founded organization, ARCAthens remains impressively committed to providing artists and curators with life-changing experiences, acknowledging that the knowledge gained through exposure to new experiences can be transformative.

Some day the quarantines will lift and travel will resume, but for now I am grateful to be able to draw from the memories, books, contacts, and photographs gained from my time in Athens, especially as I think about what the future in art will hold. “