Resources for Artists in Response to COVID-19


As of March 2020, the entire world is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We may be in isolation, but we are all together now as never before. As eloquently stated by Andrew Simonet, Founder and Director of Artist U:

“This moment is a health crisis, a brutal one. It is also a crisis of meaning….of connection, of story…. of who we are to each other and the agreements that hold us together. And those are things we artists know how to work on.”

In this crisis of meaning, artists and creative individuals are often our first responders. There are many potentials, some frightening, some filled with hope for a better tomorrow. We urge you to join us at ARCAthens—whether in New York City, or Athens, or anywhere in the world—to stand strong with vigilance, courage, and hope.

We must be vigilant to use the resources of our civilization to keep our social bonds strong under this extraordinary pressure. Our governments and our nonprofits must remember, our greatest resource as humans is our creativity.

ARCAthens is a small, nimble organization, and we will survive this. Our flexibility is our asset. And filled with hope, we continue our plans for this Fall’s exciting programming in Athens and New York City.

Meanwhile, we’d like share a list of excellent NEW resources that are a response to the COVID-19 crisis: proof that hope is founded on a foundation of strength and creativity. We are so inspired by individuals and nonprofits who are springing to action. If you are an artist or fellow arts organization, this list is for you.

In the coming weeks, BOMB will continue to publish new content daily, as well as resources and virtual outreach for artists in order to amplify and support the voices we hold dear in our community.

Covid 19 Artist Resources: A list of vital resources for artists, writers, musicians, and performers.

The pandemic has already had a wide impact beyond those affected by illness. As the secondary consequences affect the economy for creators, there isn’t a safety net for creators with nowhere else to turn when their business revenue is slowed or eliminated. This is an aggregated list of FREE resources, opportunities, and financial relief options available to artists of all disciplines: CLICK HERE

While their Emergency Grant does not apply to health-related emergencies, Joan Mitchell Foundation has created an evolving list of resources for artists who are struggling and looking for emergency support resources: CLICK HERE

The AAC is a great resource for what is happening in the residency field. They are hosting a COVID 19 on-line gathering that can be downloaded and listened to if you are not a member who is participating: CLICK HERE

Besides this, they have extensive lists of resources: CLICK HERE